March 2022

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The business case for inclusion and diversity is stronger than ever.

Companies with more diverse executive teams are now more likely to outperform their peers on profitability, by up to 35%. If a business was told they could increase their profitability by even a fraction of that, for any other reason, they would do it. Organisations are literally throwing away money by not encompassing diversity and inclusion as part of their business strategy. 

This year, companies will be pushed to put a greater focus on diversity and inclusion as a critical component of the social pillar of ESG. This growing attention from the media and institutional investors will continue to force everyone to take DO seriously. 

It is vital that organisations address disparities as they look to bounce back from the pandemic. By fostering diverse environments, employers can better access and retain new talent pools and bring in different expertise and perspectives into the workplace. This can help organisations be more innovative and agile while promoting a diverse approach to problem solving and future-proofing. 

Through our work at the McKenzie Delis Foundation and this important study, we are working to make UK businesses understand exactly what barriers are in the way of diversity, what they can do about it, and hold them accountable to change.

Mckenzie-Delis Review on Diversity and Inclusion is the most comprehensive review of corporate practices against the 10 facets of workplace diversity and inclusion.

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